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Turbosmart Blow Off Valves

The Turbosmart blow-off valve range is manufactured with a focus on performance and reliability. Blow-off valves (diverter valves, recirc valves, DVs, etc.) are proudly Australian-made. In addition, Turbosmart Blow-off Valves is built and machined from rugged, durable billet aluminium, with a complete range of solutions. Also, Turbosmart offers OE Replacement and heavy-duty upgrades through all performance and street applications, as well as race and motorsport use. Turbosmart’s Kompact Range upgraded valves suit road cars for standard, high performance and tuned use. The Turbosmart Kompact blow-off valve range includes the Kompact EM (Electro-Mechanical) series, which has the best mechanical valve reliability and integrates factory control electronics and strategies. Furthermore, the Kompact Range relies on Turbosmart’s proven positive seal piston. The boost-balance system for years of reliability and trouble-free motoring. Similarly, the BOV5 Range, our 5th iteration of a genuine performance valve, shares the same boost-balance, positive seal piston technology as the Kompact Range. However, it flows higher than the Kompact range for higher horsepower setups. Also, the BOV5 has a massive list of bolt-on, model-specific and Universal Applications. In short, the BOV 5 Range bridges the gap between street and race, where the demand for greater flow requires a higher-performance application. For high horsepower and no compromise. With solutions based on both positive seal piston and diaphragm style valves. Most of all, there are solutions for every application! In short, the Turbosmart Blow Off Valve’s Range includes the Kompact, BOV5, Race Port, Power Port and Big Bubba.