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Borg Warner Turbochargers

BorgWarner is a well-known manufacturer of turbochargers, and they produce a range of performance turbochargers for various applications, including automotive and motorsports. BorgWarner's performance turbochargers are often used in high-performance and racing scenarios where increased power and efficiency are critical.

Some of the popular performance turbocharger series from BorgWarner include the EFR (Engineered For Racing) series and AirWerks series. These turbochargers are designed to deliver high levels of performance, response, and durability.

Key features of BorgWarner performance turbochargers may include advanced aerodynamics, ball bearing technology for improved responsiveness, and materials optimized for high-stress conditions. The EFR series, in particular, is known for its range of sizes and options to suit different power levels and engine configurations.

EFR Series

Airwerks S200/300/400SX Turbos & Housings

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