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CP Forged Pistons

CP-Carrillo is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance pistons, connecting rods, and other engine components for various applications, including automotive and motorsports. CP forged pistons are widely recognized in the aftermarket for their quality, durability, and performance capabilities. Here are some key features and aspects associated with CP forged pistons:

  1. Forged Construction: CP forged pistons are manufactured using a forging process. Forging involves shaping and compressing the metal to improve its strength and structural integrity. This makes forged pistons more robust than cast pistons, providing enhanced durability under high-stress conditions.

  2. Material Quality: CP pistons are typically made from high-quality materials, such as 2618 or 4032 aluminum alloy. These alloys offer a good balance of strength, heat resistance, and weight, contributing to the overall performance of the pistons.

  3. Performance-Oriented Design: CP-Carrillo designs its pistons with a performance-oriented approach, considering factors like compression ratio, combustion efficiency, and weight reduction. This design philosophy is particularly beneficial for applications involving engine modifications, such as increased horsepower, forced induction (turbocharging or supercharging), or other performance enhancements.

  4. Customization: CP forged pistons are often available in a variety of configurations to suit different engine setups. This includes options for different bore sizes, compression ratios, and specific engine applications. Custom piston designs may also be available for unique or specialized projects.

  5. Coatings and Treatments: Some CP pistons may feature coatings or treatments to enhance their performance and longevity. For example, anti-friction coatings may be applied to reduce friction and improve wear resistance.

  6. Precision Manufacturing: CP-Carrillo emphasizes precision manufacturing techniques to ensure tight tolerances and consistent quality in their pistons. This precision is crucial for maintaining proper clearances and optimal performance.

  7. Application Range: CP forged pistons cater to a broad range of applications, from street performance to professional motorsports. Whether it's for a daily driver, a track car, or a high-horsepower race engine, CP pistons are designed to meet the demands of various enthusiasts and professionals.