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Why is NZ Performance the best?

At NZ Performance, our journey since 2003 has been fueled by a single
mission: to equip you with the most reliable performance parts in the market.
Why? Because we believe reliability is the secret ingredient to winning. And
who doesn't dream of crossing the finish line first?

Our range, expanded

NZ Performance stocks a wide range of Japanese performance car parts, however a lot of the brands we have access to, manufacture a wide variety of parts to suit many different applications such as American Muscle, Motorbikes, Jet Skis’ etc. We now want to make NZ Performance a one stop performance shop and will adding to our website to bring you a huge range of high-quality parts that are available to us from the great brands we work with. Our intention is to expand our range to provide solutions for whatever vehicle you have so your perfect fit is just 1 order away.

Fast delivery and simple shopping

We strive to make our service the best it can be, by making sure our stocked items can be delivered to your doorstep overnight. Our revamped payment systems ensure it takes just 1 click of a button for your parts to begin their journey and your extra speed to be on the way.

Our legacy of speed

The founder of NZ Performance, Paul, certainly has his experience in winning, with multiple records in drag racing being set ‚Äúback in the good old days‚ÄĚ. The national speed record he set after working on his RX8 day and night, still stands today, since 2015. This winning trait has been passed on through the generations to his son, Blake. Blake has been racing since 7; picking up the WPKA Goldstar karting championship at just 9. From here he has gone on to cars, winning multiple winter titles in a row, and currently racing in Formula Ford, winning multiple trophies, and races.

What do the people have to say?

Our referrals speak for themselves, our customers have won many races with our parts onboard, take a look at what they have to say about us. If these guys can win, so can you.


Our team has endless amounts of passion for motorsport, and seas of knowledge dedicated to going fast. Whether you’re debating which turbo best fits your purpose, or you’re just trying to find some extra lap time then these guys have you covered.

Ready to win?

If excellence, expert advice, and a winning edge are what you seek, welcome to NZ Performance. It's not just about going fast‚ÄĒit's about finishing first, reliably.¬†Shop now¬†and unleash the full potential of your vehicle.